The Age of Abstractions

Before 2019, I enjoyed building “things”. I’d tinker with algorithms, try out new libraries, and play with low-level code. I rarely do those things anymore.

It seems like there has been a shift in the dev world. We don’t build “things” anymore. We build “features”.

  • A long time ago, we’d set up a physical PC rig at home as a dedicated server. Now we use AWS or Digital Ocean. Sometimes we go “serverless”.
  • We used to create backend APIs. Now we use BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) platforms like Firebase.
  • We used to run our apps directly on the OS. Now we run an entire isolated environment in Docker.
  • We used to manually backup different versions of our app. Now we use Git commits, branches and tags.
  • We used to string together a bunch of frontend libraries (Backbone, JQuery, Lowdash, Handlebars) as the foundation of a Single Page Application. Now we just run create-react-app.

Many of the nitty griddle technical hurdles are solved. By adopting modern abstractions, productivity can increase by magnitudes.

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Seena Khoee

Solid Article big homie. Hope all is well. Always love.